Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a SynaTek Professional verses retail product found at a box store?

There are several differences, but the most significant is that retail products are designed to most effectively answer the question, “How do we design this product to most effectively sell off of a store shelf?”  SynaTek Professional Products ask the question, “How do we provide maximize performance, for the least money while minimizing potential harm to people, pets and the planet?”

Do I need any special equipment for a SynaTek Professional Program or System?

Most likely yes.  For best results professional grade products need to be matched with professional grade equipment.  We find that if customers already own a spreader or sprayer it is typically something they purchased to apply a retail product.

What is a professional granular spreader?

A Professional Spreader would typically be described as having a weight capacity of at least 80 pounds and would have rubber tires.

Why would I get better results with a professional spreader?

A SynaTek Professional product may weigh fifty pounds just like the bag of fertilizer sold at the box store, but because of the ingredients used in our products you will find that the bag size is larger.  As a result of the larger volume size the spreader hopper will be full to overflowing and in some instances will struggle to spread effectively.

What type of granular spreader do you recommend?

We have tested them all, but found the Chapin 8200A to provide the best performance for the money.  We have calibrated all of our products using this spreader.

What should my spreader setting be if I do not own a Chapin 8200A granular spreader?

If you do not own a Chapin 8200A granular spreader a good rule of thumb to achieve the desired application rate is to set the spreader to be slightly less than halfway open.

Do you offer discounts on equipment purchases?

Yes, if you purchase at least four products offered in the SynaTek Store you will receive a Chapin 8200A or Branch Creek Pump Free Sprayer System. To get the Chapin 8200A for free use promotion code SPREADER50 at check out. To get the Branch Creek Pump Free Sprayer for free enter the code SPRAYER50 at checkout. Each customer is eligible to earn one piece of each equipment at a 50% discount.

What type of liquid sprayer do you recommend?

We would recommend the Branch Creek® Pump Free Sprayer System.  This sprayer allows the weight to be in your hand versus on your back and the battery powered head allows for more efficient application because there is no pumping required.

What is certified organic?

A product that is certified organic meets the definition of organic as set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  This is the same standard that needs to be met in order for a food item to have the USDA Organic seal.  The word organic is often used on lawn and garden products, but they rarely meet the standard set by the USDA and in many situations the term organic is intentionally used to be misleading.

What is a 25(b) exempt pesticide?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a list of ingredients that they consider safe enough that if a pesticide uses only ingredients from this list the EPA does not require that product to be registered as a pesticide.

Is there a grub application available for the Branch Creek Transitional System or Branch Creek System?

We do have grub solutions available for both the Branch Creek Transitional System as well as Branch Creek System, but at this time neither of them are available for homeowner use. If you are interested in either of these two applications we can provide a quote for a professional application. To request a quote visit